Finding space within patterns

It comes natural to us jugglers to focus on the props and how they move in space.

After all, If we don’t they may drop, or not?

Props in movement create trails in the air, like little meteorites. How they go up and peak letting our brain know where they will come down. We don’t need to know where the prop is at all times.

Relating to the space within patterns is another thing altogether though. The negative image.

An invitation to open our awareness and our gaze a little wider.

When we become fully aware of the six directions around us we anchor ourselves in space. Juggling with this sort of spacial awareness can invite us to diversify our use of the space making our juggling potential more interesting for ourselves and our audiences.

Many contemporary jugglers have deliberately created shapes with their props and the contrast with the moving body and props together creates a marvellous effect. If we are then also aware of the space between the props perhaps we will pass a hand through that gateway, or even a foot, a head or another prop.

The space within patterns is continually morphing and if while juggling we focus solely on the space between props something peculiar happens to our awareness; it enjoys this new possibility and expands. Our presence increases.

Finding the space within patterns is ultimately an invitation into playfulness. We are presented with a new point of view and delight in being able to follow and create new temporal and semi permanent spaces.

When we then start to consider our body as part of the pattern then the possibilities multiply even more. The space under the legs, under the arms, between the arms and the head, enjoy being filled with catches and throws in the same space and shifting from our space to another.

Thanks to Ben Cornish for giving me something to think about.


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