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Pearls of Juggling Coaching

What do you want to do with your juggling?

Having a clear plan and direction is the best way to evolve in your juggling practice and juggling career.

Anthony offers 1-2-1 tailor made coaching to raise the quality of your juggling practice, performance and helping you transform from hobby juggler to professional or semi-professional.

The coaching is tailored to your specific needs.

Here are three programs that I offer to help you get started:

I had the pleasure of coaching a passionate contemporary juggler from the US, Luther Bangert.

We focused on where he’d like to go professionally as a juggler and work out a plan how to get there. We worked on building the content for his new website, which clarified his vision of who he is artistically and focusing on who would love to hire him and how to reach them.

We made a plan and looked deeply into his reasons for pursuing his goals.

“Working with Anthony in coaching sessions has truly helped me transform my relationship to what I want from my art, my life, and my career. We began our sessions serendipitously when I was at a crossroads of having left my Covid day job and returning to performing in a new way. Although perhaps serendipitous isn’t quite the right word as Anthony seems to have a magical quality of being there at just the right time!

“Our sessions together pulled back the curtain on what I was really looking for in my life, and have helped me to understand what I want to do and WHY I want to do it. Anthony has a unique way of working that helped me to recognize and resolve contradictions within my approach to juggling and my expectations within performing, showing me ways that I was holding myself back and unable to change. Our work together really helped me to shake things up and get out of my own way, as we shaped a clear and consistent focus in order to make the shifts I needed to move strongly in a new direction.

“I can’t express how much having someone with such a well rounded coaching and life approach who ALSO understands the wide world of juggling and art (and play!) was instrumental in propelling me in the direction I needed. I’ve been juggling and performing for years but have often struggled with feeling stuck in the same way of relating to my career. Anthony understood all of this and really valued what was important to me - reflecting back to me what was important!

“The results of our sessions have cascaded far beyond our weekly meetings and have helped plant the seeds for the life I’ve wanted to live for a long time. I’m positively certain that anyone working with his playful approach and down to earth methods will have the same results.

Interested in taking your juggling to the next level?
Luther Bangert
Contempory Juggling Artist

New Direction

This is for you if you’ve travelled extensively, have many interests, talents and skills and are eager to find a way of giving back to the world and creating a sustainable living for yourself.

Could be that you want to develop your juggling career (in that case see the next program) but it could also be something completely different that uses your skill sets.
This is something we would explore together to develop the best option/plan/direction for you.

3 month program €1200 euros. 6 week starter €480

Are you shifting to professional or semi-professional Juggler but not getting the gigs you want?

Working on the business of juggling and finding the gigs that you want.

A complete mentorship program that will give you solid tools to shift from a passionate self taught juggler to someone who gets the gigs and opportunities you want.

First 6 weeks we will focus on building mindset and good practices to by a pro and semi pro. 

– Focused training sessions.
– Solid goal setting and accountability.
– Developing your craft.
– Find your unique flair.

The second half focuses on creating an identity for yourself. I guide you in creating material for your website and promo material that will help you stand out.

– Marketing Material.
– Website content.
– Consistant gigs.

3 month program €1200. The first 6 weeks €480

Optional 6 weeks “in the middle”, character development to help you stand out from all the crowd.

Take Your Juggling to the Next Level

6 week program looking into making your training more efficient and rewarding.

We explore your goals and look at practical ways of obtaining them. Boosting technical and creative skills.

I really can’t emphasis how important part of constantly improving your juggling technique and performing skills.

Expect to be surprised!

6 week programme €480

What does this look like?

You get an hour coaching a week to dive into your goals, what you need to do to get there and make an action plan that inspires you to achieve the results you want to see. You will have three actions to carry out in your own time. We will define these together.

One of the sessions will be longer when we need to dive in even deeper. In between sessions you can send me your thoughts and your progress.

We are putting together some online stand-alone programs. Currently we have one on juggling and creativity, and one on goal setting. As more become available, you will have access to these included in your coaching package.

There are some partial bursaries in exchange for helping making this project even more helpful to others.
Write to: to find out more.