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Below are some functional warm ups and one ball movement sequences.
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Functional Warm ups for Jugglers

Qi Gong

In my workshops and retreats for jugglers and flow artists we use a number of different techniques to help improve the quality of our juggling and training, while loosening and increasing mobility in the joints and muscles, safeguarding against injury and increasing the body's intrinsic intelligence.

Indian club swinging
Juggling warm up

Always looking for new and effective ways to open the body and warm up ready for juggling. These club swining exercises where the handle are held firmly in the hands are incredible for loosing the wrists, elbows, shoulders and more

One ball sequences
– Esercizi di Legatura.

Great to warm up and as a powerful teaching tool as they pose an ever increasing challenge but get the satisfaction quickly. "Success builds success"!

Pearls of Juggling Retreat Workshops

10 day full residential training

Ten day Summer Retreat held by Anthony Trahair, author of the book Pearls of Juggling. Jugglers participated from all over the world.

6 day Physical Theatre and Juggling residential training

la giocoleria può diventare a mezzo d'expressione molto powerful e quello que cerco in questi laboratori e' di far che gli attrezzi sono connesso with a body aware of quelo