A Deep Journey into the Art of Juggling

Pearls of Juggling – The book, in person retreats and an upcoming online juggling school for contemporary jugglers.

Pearls of Juggling inspires and guides passionate self-taught  jugglers to escape the trap of the being “just another juggler”, the trap of never feeling ready to perform and instead more confidently from hobby juggler to professional performer or inspiring instructor.
With a playful and creative approach you will feel more confident and open in your life and work.
Performers will start to get the gigs that they really want.

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Pearls of Juggling - The Book

Pearls of Juggling isn't just a book on Juggling.

It’s the philosophy of a juggling lifestyle.

A manual that takes the juggling artist on the road to greater satisfaction whether he intends to perform to massive audiences or small familiar group or even to him or herself!

It stands in a special place among juggling books for it’s pratical, inspirational and artistic approach.
I know Anthony Personally and know the cure and dedication he’s put into this book. It really is an amazing book. After the successful pilot run Pearls of Juggling is ready for world distribution.

About Pearls of Juggling

What People
are Saying

Pearls is a beautiful book in many senses. The illustrations are fascinating and the prose conscientious, poetic and clear: Besides,the message is really judicious, wise, interesting and lead you to the enhancement of your practise.
Pauline Avignon
United States
Lovely! I really like how Anthony consider several different aspects of juggling (like being on stage, performing, working, street shows) and also considers the importance of our body awareness and of doing different things and how this will also influence the way we juggle. + the images are amazing!!!
Lucas Gardezani Abduch
United States

Juggling Adventures – Workshops and Retreats

Pearls of Juggling Residential Intensive Workshops in Tuscany

“The creative process is varied and exciting, alternating individual and group work. Efficient to integrate into your personal training.”

Anthony Trahair explores the art of juggling for the last two decades. His residential seminars are exciting and surprising “melting pots” where the aim is to bring out the best of each participant. Anthony has studied Yoga, Qigong and Taiji since 1998 and graduated from the Dimitri physical theatre school in Switzerland in 2006. The work is technical and expressive, creative and profound. 2016 saw his book Pearls of Juggling published.

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