So why does everyone’s juggling get so much better in such a short time?

Dear Juggling friends,

In the residential workshops I hold I often hear that in just a few days people’s juggling has improved more than in the last year (or few months at least)!

It might sound obvious that you improve when you dedicate yourself fully to it but it’s always in surprising ways.

Improved means: more solid, more expressive, more creative, more fun, more ideas, with new tricks and sequences to take home with you.

I know how much it takes to dive right in and come out again with a more authentic and satisfying way of juggling. I vary and alternate my proposals enormously I don’t force anything.

I ask a lot from the participants, and I also give a lot, and everyone makes incredible discoveries.

So why does everyone’s juggling get so much better in such a short time?

Everything we do reduces the mental chatter, increases focus, gets the body “well oiled” and filled with exciting new energies. Days were full of bodywork, juggling, mindfulness, great cooking and eating, creating and expression.

  • We worked on new drills for technique.
  • The hour morning juggling training session became so focused.
  • We did long taiji and yoga sessions. Walks in the nature.
  • Afternoons were dedicated to playing with juggling, from movement and music to acting skills and creation.
  • After dinner we shared how the day went.
  • Participants shared their skills in mini evening labs.

And all of this gets us into the flow, into playfulness, into Art.

Towards the end of the juggling retreat everyone puts together a solo piece with some or all of the material that comes out and we showed it to a small but very enthusiastic audience.

I’ve been adding small clips on the Instagram page:

– you can watch them even if you don’t have Instagram.

The best way to have a better idea of what to expect in a workshop is probably through the words of those who lived the experience. You can read what they wrote below.

I’m looking for sincere jugglers that hold a love for juggling and learning in general. These workshops are not really for pure numbers or gentleman jugglers but rather for people that want to grow and improve as juggling artists and human beings.

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