On being yourself. Accessibility and Originality.

On being yourself.

This is an enternal dilemma for artists and many other fields.

We are being pulled between the apparent need to accessible, marketable, popular and get jobs and on the other to be original and find our own style.

Being accessible may lead us to being inauthentic, a feeling of being fake. Do we have to make this compromise?

Is there a third possibility?*

*By the way much of what surrounds us is very seemingly polarised with only two apparently opposite possibilities. However there is always a third, reconciling way which is often hidden.

I’ve been pondering over this for many years and just got the answer from a great book I’m reading: “FREE PLAY” by Stephen Nachmanovitch. (Thanks to Utka for suggesting it to me).


“Paradoxically , the more you are yourself, the more universal is your message. As you develop and individuate more deeply, you break through into deeper layers of the collective consciousness and the collective unconsciouness. There is no need to alter your voice in order to please others, and no need to aler it in orger to differentiate yourself from others. Quality arises from, and is recognized by, resonance with inner truth”.


So how to be yourself that’s the question?
And I shall leave this question open for the time being, but will go into this in more detail soon.

Hope to get the chance to talk about this more on the Fluid Juggling Europena tour!

6-8 Marzo Spazio Kabum Varese, Italia

20-22 March Cirkuskus, Bratislava, Slovakia

3-5 April Fish Island Circus London

If you know anyone you think may enjoy one of these workshops please let them know!

Cheers, Anthony

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