New German Edition to Pearls of Juggling!!!!!!

We’re launching the crowdfund for the first of a series of new language editions in GERMAN!
Seems, to me like we’ve been talking about the possibility of this for ages.

If you are reading this now the chances are you already have a copy in English. We’re doing this project for all the jugglers that would like to read it in their own language, as well as all the kids in youth circuses that can be inspired to create work that they feel represents them better, while of course having more fun!

To pull this off we’re going to need all your help.
Juggling friends from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, if you’ve enjoyed Pearls please let other juggling friends and communities know about this project. Think about getting a special signed copy for yourself knowing that you helped make it a reality!

The campaign is “all or nothing“. That means that we need 120 pledged copies for the project to be able to go ahead. That makes it more exciting but also more real.

Chris Blessing has translated it, the graphic artists is ready and the printers are hot and ready!

The project will end in two full moons time. Please support the project as soon as you can as it will give it the necessary momentum we need to make it a success!

If we manage to go beyond out goal we will revamp our website and integrate Pearls much more into it.

Thanks for reading this email and being as excited about this project as I am.


Here’s the link:::::::

Thanks for being as excited about this as me!!!

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