What people are saying about Pearls of Juggling

Pearls of Juggling isn’t just a book on Juggling. It’s the philosophy of a juggling lifestyle. A manual that takes the juggling artist on the road to greater satisfaction whether he intends to perform to massive audiences or small familiar groups or even to him or herself!

Here’s an extract from the preface by Dave Finnigan, author of “The Complete Juggler” and “The Zen of Juggling

At last the companion book to all my previous work has been written, filling many of the blank spaces in the tapestry and fleshing out the details in areas I merely skimmed. This is the kind of book that you need to read once to see the entire strand of about 150 pearls as a whole, and then you can pick up those pearls one by one when you need them, examine them, and discover their place in the strand.”

Pearls of juggling has been received successfully within the juggling community:

I’ve read all the books about juggling I could lay my hands on. It is without hesitation that I say THIS is the one that I’ve enjoyed the most.” Ben Cornish, veteran British Juggler.

A beautiful book. To look at, to use, to come back to.” Ian Deady, juggler and street performer.

It’s something similar to “The Zen of Juggling” but with more Juggling, and just as much Zen. It’s packed full of insightful observations and practical tips for improving your juggling. Every juggler looking to experience the true enjoyment juggling can bring should own a copy!” Martin Quigley, Juggler.

It is the perfect handbook for a very wide range of jugglers from beginners to professionals, but also for other types of artists. I recommend it!” Pauline Avignon, Malabart magazine Spain.

Without teaching a single trick, this book will improve your juggling. How is that? Well, by inspiring you to get out and try something new, to push yourself, to make you think about your physicality as you juggle, and to engage better with your audience. Jugglers of almost all abilities can dip in and pick a section to take into their practice session. To pick a few at random: Developing a training plan, Keep a juggler’s log book, Juggling with emotions, Getting a laugh and Adrenaline. It is refreshing to find a book that steps back and looks at the whole juggler, bringing the fun and play back into juggling while at the same time learning how to improve posture, movement and develop character as a performer. This is also a beautiful book to own and take pride of place on the juggler’s coffee table. It is richly illustrated with cartoons, indian-style characters, and abstract images from a number of talented artists. I highly recommend this to all jugglers and those interested in juggling. It’s an entertaining read which will inspire you to improve your juggling.” Ed Porteus, juggler

You can read some longer reviews featured here on goodreads:


Full colour
30+ custom colour illustrations
Size 24 x 16,8cm Printed in Italy on 100% recycled paper


American Juggling Historian David Cain in his review of the book says: “The resulting book is quite unique and covers a vast array of subjects useful to a performing juggler without ever teaching a single trick. In fact, very little mention is made of specific juggling tricks at all. Many other books, videos, and other resources are available for learning specific tricks and types of juggling. Pearls Of Juggling, however, focuses on a wide variety of topics that other books rarely, if ever, mention. These topics include the following:

– The joy of juggling and its many benefits
– Creativity and inspiration
– Improving your training
– Juggling and movement
– Juggling and stopping (to stop or not to stop)
– Juggling and acting
– Juggling and comedy
– Drops, a juggler’s nightmare
– Music and musicality
– Sequences, routines, and whole shows
– Performing

Full review for Pearls of Juggling on the online IJA magazine – juggle by David Cain: http://ezine.juggle.org/2016/02/29/book-review-pearls-of-juggling/