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I HOPE YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THE NEW SHOW “AMMORE AMMARE” – “Love Overboard” with Ale and Martino from Spazio Kabum in Varese.

We have just finished a two week creative residency where they had invited me to direct.

The creation of a show “from nothing” is never simple but every day we made huge steps. Really!

I was amazed at the ideas that came from intuitions, deep listening and building everything around the story that was emerging. I am amazed at how even the smallest changes led to a much more true and heartfelt recitation of the characters and how this touched me.

We quickly created new acts within the show. Then we refined them. Adding and removing the superfluous to get to the very heart of the piece.

Every day we started early with a very varied Yoga practice, aimed at opening the breathing, waking up the body and the senses, focusing the mind and charging ourselves with energy! After breakfast followed by a concentrated juggling practice and fun session then immediately to the work of creation and interpretation.

Even though the process was very intense, there was no overwhelming stress or worry that we didn’t have enough time. How beautiful!

Ale and Martino have a mastery of juggling techniques (more Martino than Ale), aerial acrobatics with Alessandra on her Circle and Partner Acrobatic’s. The story of their two characters, that emerged day after day, portrays a story that will touch the hearts of all those lucky enough to see it. Fake acting only really happens when you don’t really know why you perform that or this action. When the context is clear the acting becomes much better.

It was not my first role as a director but I’m happy because this experience has reconfirmed my ability to take on the role and responsibility as a director of Theater-Circus Performances. It totally engages me, I put my whole self in and take out the best for the show. It hasn’t left me feeling exhausted, on the contrary and this for me is a good sign that it’s something I should consider offering a couple of times a year. I’m open to accepting new proposals from those who want to bring a message through their circus disciplines. My recommendation would be to take part in one of my workshops first. Then perhaps we could discuss this more a length.

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