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After receiving your book, Anthony, right away I was impressed with all the great artwork it contained.

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Anthony book is a offers some of the most varied and imaginative illustrationsI've ever seen in any boson any subject.Juggling has been my life for the last 30 years , I have studied , performed and taught juggling since I left Arts college in 1997 and have watched hundreds , maybe even thousands of videos of juggling , read all the books about juggling I could lay my hands on . It is without hesitation that I say THIS is the one that I've enjoyed the most.
After receiving your book, Anthony, right away I was impressed with all the great artwork it contained. Many jugglers know of my book, "Juggling with Finesse". Your book, "Pearls of Juggling" takes the already accomplished juggler and will take them to the next higher level in their juggling. The way you have broken things down makes your book an easy and enjoyable read.
Kit Summers
Anthony´s "Pearls of Juggling" is the most entertaining juggling book I have ever seen. And I have seen many indeed - I´ve got about 100 on my own, and I have certainly seen most existing books (in particular) in 1994 when I wrote my first juggling book and had to check what had been written up to then to decide what is left to cover or focus at.
Andreas Anders-Wilkens
Pearls of Juggling is the distillation of 20 years of practicing, teaching and performing the art of juggling. Without teaching a single trick, this book will improve your juggling. How is that? Well, by inspiring you to get out and try something new, to push yourself, to make you think about your physicality as you juggle, and to engage better with your audience.
Ed Porteous
Pearls is a beautiful book in many senses. The illustrations are fascinating and the prose conscientious, poetic and clear: Besides,the message is really judicious, wise, interesting and lead you to the enhancement of your practise. It is the perfect handbook for a very wide range of jugglers from begginers to profesionnels, but also for other types of artists. I recommend it !
Pauline Avignon
I'm not a juggler, I dance and while reading this book I think I realized that as I dance I actually keep juggling with the various parts and organs of my body. This perception was especially inspired by the author's precise descriptions of the inner states and sensations of the juggler. Besides, the illustrations are original and diversified.
Pearls of Juggling is a wonderful book. I really like how Anthony gave an in-depth insight into different aspects of juggling (technique, musicality, performing and movement just to name a few) which were quite helpful to me. It has given me a new perspective to look at juggling and showmanship. For instance, I have found some useful tips on how to warm up before a performance or how to turn an error into an advantage.
Kenny Cheung

American Juggling Historian David Cain in his review of the book says: “The resulting book is quite unique and covers a vast array of subjects useful to a performing juggler without ever teaching a single trick. In fact, very little mention is made of specific juggling tricks at all. Many other books, videos, and other resources are available for learning specific tricks and types of juggling. Pearls Of Juggling, however, focuses on a wide variety of topics that other books rarely, if ever, mention. These topics include the following:

– The joy of juggling and its many benefits
– Creativity and inspiration
– Improving your training
– Juggling and movement
– Juggling and stopping (to stop or not to stop)
– Juggling and acting
– Juggling and comedy
– Drops, a juggler’s nightmare
– Music and musicality
– Sequences, routines, and whole shows
– Performing

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